For me, each piece, whatever the medium, for it to be successful, must bring

something unique and thoughtful, a different and interesting point of view, to that medium. 

I admire the artists who are not afraid to fail.  Who have an idea and take risks executing it.

     I graduated with a BFA from the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles and worked

professionally as an art director and Creative Director in New York City, Toronto and San Francisco.

Since I was very young art has been the focus of my life.  At 10

years old I was given a book on Picasso’s paintings. I knew then

that  I wanted to be a painter.

      I tend to work in ideas. And I’ll work in whatever medium

best expresses a particular idea:  photography, painting,

ceramics, drawing, computer graphics, etc. They are all tools.

      I’ve been working in these mediums for nearly 50 years

(the computer being an obvious exception)   I try to keep pushing

the boundries, evolving, improving  and avoiding  getting


      I currently live, with my wife and son, and have my studios, on

my ranch in El Paso de Robles, CA.

Tom Peck